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Affordable Learning

Federally Funded Dual Enrollment OER

LOUIS is the recipient of two federal grants to develop open educational resources for dual enrollment courses with a combined budget of over $3 million. We estimate that the creation of these materials for 40 dual enrollment courses will result in textbook savings of $2,825,000 for dual enrollment students alone.

Interactive OER for Dual Enrollment

LOUIS’ Interactive OER for Dual Enrollment project, funded by a $2 million Open Textbooks Pilot Program grant from the Department of Education, supports the extension of access to high-quality post-secondary opportunities to high school students across Louisiana and beyond.

Connecting the Pipeline

Connecting the Pipeline: Libraries, OER, and Dual Enrollment from Secondary to Postsecondary, a $1.3 million project funded by LOUIS and the Institute of Library and Museum Services, will develop and share a model for connecting open educational resources (OER) initiatives between secondary postsecondary institutions within a library context.