We Deliver Value - Collaboratively.

LOUIS is a library consortium widely recognized as a model for cost-effective collaboration in higher education. We have a centralized organization that works in conjunction with our engaged and active membership to address the common needs of academic libraries in the state of Louisiana. We work to ensure equitable access to resources, services, and technologies by maximizing purchasing power and sharing expertise.

We do this to fulfill our mission to support research, teaching, and learning by effectively leveling the playing field for all students and faculty by making resources and technology available anywhere, anytime.


We Deliver Value - Equitably.

Library Management

We implement intuitive, robust technology that allows participating members to successfully conduct and manage vital library operations, such as circulation, course reserves, and collection development.

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We implement intuitive, robust technology for participating members that provides library users the means to discover integrated scholarly resources like databases, eBooks, print materials, and multimedia.

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Access Management

We implement intuitive, robust technology for participating members that ensures valuable library resources and services are available to the library's authorized users, anywhere, anytime.

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Resource Sharing

We implement intuitive, robust technology for participating members that further enhances their collections by enabling reciprocal lending and borrowing within the state, and globally.

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We Deliver Value - Cost-effectively.

Affordable Learning

We partner libraries and faculty through our Affordable Learning LOUISIana initiative to save students money on education by reducing the costs of instructional materials through the use of eTextbooks, Open Educational Resources (OERs), and other open access materials.

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Cooperative Procurement

We negotiate the cost of library technology and resources. We maximize the purchasing power of our members to ensure we provide the best possible return on the State's and our members' investments. LOUIS has provided more than $340 million in cost savings since 1992.

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Professional Development

We offer a number of professional development opportunities for our members.  These opportunities include a webinar training series, faciliated vendor-led trainings, sharing sessions, an annual users conference, and more!

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Systems Management

We support the library technology and resources secured by our members through LOUIS. We troubleshoot issues through incident reporting, remote support sessions, and personalized visits, we publish and maintain a knowledge base of solutions, and we offer customization services to promote positive user experiences.

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We Communicate. We Cooperate. We Collaborate.

Discussion Lists

We communicate through various discussion lists.  These lists are provided to facilitate discussion among consortium members, ranging from general news & announcements to specific questions about current library technologies, services, & trends. Active participation on a list is encouraged for all LOUIS members, as list participants often have a great deal of experience to share with their peers.

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Interest Groups

We cooperate through established interest groups. These groups are established to direct and inform discussion on specific topics relevant to librarianship and consortial business. These groups are structured to provide members with a more informal network for exchanging ideas and problem-solving. Each interest group utilizes an assigned discussion list so members can discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and propose projects.

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Working Groups

Working groups are commissioned by the LOUIS Board to address emerging needs and concerns within the consortium. Each working group is given a specific charge - area to investigate - and deadline to work toward. This framework provides the consortium a formal network for exchanging ideas and problem-solving, while increasing efficiency.

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