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Library Services Platform

The LOUIS Library Services Platform (LSP) is a suite of software services that allow participating members to successfull conduct and manage vital library operations. The LSP is composed of an Intregrated Library System (ILS) as well as discovery services and a resource sharing platform.

Integrated Library System (ILS): Symphony

The LOUIS ILS is SirsiDynix Symphony. It provides the functionality to manage and catalog library materials, manage budgets, circulate materials, and manage course reservers. It has integrated reporting tools and offline circulation.

WorkFlows: WorkFlows is the desktop client for Symphony. It groups functionality into modules, such as Acquisitions, Booking, Cataloging, Circulation, Configuration, Reports, Reserves, and Serial Control.

SymphonyWeb: SymphonyWeb replicates the functionality of the WorkFlows client but accessed with a browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

BLUEcloud: BLUEcloud is a suite of browser-based applications that interact with SirsiDynix Symphony in an interface optimized for the internet browser.

BLUEcloud Central: The primary application to configure other BLUEcloud applications.

BLUEcloud Analytics: A powerful and interactive reporting tool that is based on the Microstrategy business intelligence application.

BLUEcloud MobileStaff: A smartphone and browser application for circulation services and inventory. It can be used to run a self-check kiosk. Formerly called BLUEcloud MobileCirc.

BLUEcloud Cataloging, BLUEcloud Circulation, BLUEcloud Acquisitons: Cataloging, circulation, and acquisitions applications in the BLUEcloud suite of products respectively.

BLUEcloud Commerce: An online payment application for libraries.

BLUEcloud Course Lists: A reading list management application that can integrate into course management software such as Moodle and Canvase.

Enterprise: The SirsiDynix online catalog and discovery interface. For library users to search and discover library material. Includes My Account functionality.

CloudSource OA: A database of open access electronic resources, with over 40 million items. The interface was developed by SirsiDynix.

DataControl: Data Control is a reporting application that exposes the Symphony API via a graphical drag-and-drop interface.

Integration and Customization

LOUIS can provide custom integrations and customization for libraries. LOUIS has reports that can adapted to the library's needs or can create custom reports from scratch. The LOUIS team has automated processes that harvest files from external servers. Using the Symphony API and Symphony Web Services API, LOUIS has web applications that can display acquisitions and fund information, display Symphony configurations and statistical information, and widgets, search boxes, and other services for discovery applications.

LOUIS Member Library Implementation

78% Symphony WorkFlows

78% BLUEcloud Analytics

78% MobileCirc

4% BLUEcloud Cataloging