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Symphony Data

This page contains Symphony statistics and title counts harvested, aggregated, and published by LOUIS.

Symphony ILS Circulation Statistics

Symphony ILS Circulation Statistics are derived with custom scripts. The first script runs on the third day of each month to capture the prior month's statistics. The second runs annually on January 4 to capture the previous year's statistics. The following circulation transactions are counted for all libraries:


  • CV - Charge Item, Part B: used to charge (check out) a non-reserve, non-booking item to a user. 
  • CX - Charge Reserve, Part B: used to charge (check out) an item on reserve to a user. 
  • Ck - Charge Booking, Part B: used to charge (check out) a booked item to a user. 


  • EV - Discharge Item: discharges non-booking items that have been charged, including both reserve charges and regular circulation charges. 
  • Ek - Discharge Booking - confirms that the item to be discharged has a booking calendar, then discharges the booking, updating all related 
  • records. 


  • RV - Renew Item: Extends the period of time that a user may keep a particular non-reserve item. 
  • RY - Renew User, Part B: renews items checked out to a user via e-Library. 
  • RX - Renew Reserve: extends the period of time that a user may keep a particular reserve item. 

Use Item

  • WV -Use Item: allows a library to record in-house usage of an item that does not involve charging the item to a particular user or to inventory an item. Often used with non-circulating items.

Symphony ILS Record Counts

Symphony ILS Record Counts are derived with a custom script that runs on the last day of each month. It counts the number of titles, items, call numbers, users, and orders for all Symphony ILS libraries on the day it runs. The data is made available on the LOUIS website in Excel spreadsheets.

It is worth noting that criteria is not used in counting these records. So for example, it counts students, faculty, and staff users, and also WorkFlows login users and special processing users like the MISSING user. It also counts expired users. If a library has not run a Remove User report to remove, for example, retired faculty and students who graduate or enroll elsewhere, then those old user records are included in the count.

The title, item, and call number record counts do not exclude records marked for discard, ILL items, shadowed item, items representing non-bibliographic things you circulate like headphones, study carrels or group study rooms. The list goes on. Instead, the title, item, and call number record counts all records in each of those three database tables.

Symphony e-Library Usage Statistics (Historical)

Symphony e-Library Usage Statistics were derived with custom scripts that ran monthly and annually. These scripts count e-Library OPAC keyword and browse searches from the previous month and the previous year.

Please note: LOUIS declared an end-of-life for e-Library for August 31, 2018. Since the e-Library usage data is captured from the Symphony ILS weblog files, which are specific to e-Library, this data stopped being compiled after August 31, 2018.