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Resource Sharing

We implement intuitive, robust technology for participating members that further enhances their collections by enabling reciprocal lending and borrowing within the state, and globally.

Inter-library Loan

Inter-library loan is a vital service offered by our libraries. It allows them to enhance their collections through the exchange of materials upon request.

We have implemented ILLiad, developed by Atlas Systems, to enable our members' inter-library loan service. This software manages all of their borrowing, lending, and document delivery in a single interface.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Reciprocal borrowing further enhances our libraries collections by giving their user community borrowing privileges at other member libraries.

Libraries issue a Reciprocal Borrowing Card to authorized users, who can then travel to any participating library within the state to borrow eligible resources.

Participating members have various levels of reciprocity. Check the Agreement for Reciprocal Borrowing for details.

More information, including a history of reciprocal borrowing at LOUIS member libraries, is available in the Task Portal (requires login).

LOUIS Member Library Implementation

98% Reciprocal Borrowing

43% Interlibrary Loan

What's At Your Library?

Find your library on our Libraries page and view your participation profile. Libraries are organized by system.