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LA SCCC Silent Auction

Item #1: Godiva Chocolatier

Calling chocolate lovers! This basket from Sponsored Programs offers a delicious assortment of Godiva chocolates:

- Crème brûlée dessert truffle

- Chocolate lava cake dessert truffles

- White chocolate truffles

- Milk chocolate caramel lion of Belgium

- Milk chocolate covered pretzels

- Dark chocolate ganache heart bars

- Chocolate truffle drink, and more!

Starting bid $20.00



Item #3: Fireball

Spice up your day with this flaming hot basket from Academic Affairs and Innovation! This basket includes everything you need to raise the temperature of your weekend plans:

- 5 Fireball minis

- Hot tamales and candy canes

- Fireball chapstick

- Glasses and shot glasses, and more!

Starting bid $10.00



Item #5: Cozy Reading Time

The LOUIS Cozy Reading Time Basket returns! Winter evenings may be dark, but they’re great for snuggling up with a good book. This basket has you covered with:

- Kindle 10th Generation - 2019 release, with case

- Reading light

- Warm beverage kit: tea, cocoa, Mike Waugh’s honey, and stainless travel mug

- Notebooks

- Warm socks and a soft blanket

- Bestseller recommended by Zee

- $25 Amazon Gift Card

Starting Bid $60.00



Item #7: Baking

The Commissioner wants your holiday season to be extra sweet with this baking-themed basket! It has everything you need and more to make sure Santa has a plate of cookies waiting for him, with some left over for you:

- Large handled mixing bowl, silicone baking mat

- 2 small whisks, set of mixing spoons (1/4 tsp – 1 cup), 2 spatulas

- Large rolling pin, large mixing spoon, 4-piece cookie cutter set

- 2 Christmas kitchen towels and matching oven mitts

- 2 containers of Christmas sprinkles

- Box mixes for: sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, golden butter cake

- Green, red, and white cookie icing

- Bag of pecans, bag of chocolate chips

- $30 Walmart gift card

Starting Bid $50.00



Item #9: Cash Bonanza

Can you guess whose basket this is? Finance is right! They’re spreading the wealth this season with an on-brand basket. If you win this basket, you’re in for some surprises. How much are the items it includes? You have to be the winning bidder to know!

- 3 gift cards

- Bag of cash

- Mini calculator

- Aleve

- 100 Grand bars, $1,000,000 chocolate bars, Paydays, and chocolate coins

Starting Bid $30.00