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LUC: LOUIS Users Conference

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Current Awards


Career Achievement AwardCareer Achievement

The Career Achievement awards recognize distinguished librarians or staff members who are late in their career or retiring and have demonstrated continuous commitment and dedication to the library profession, through accomplishments and service to the profession.

The Career Achievement award has been awarded every year since the beginning of the awards in 2016.

2022: Connie Chemay, River Parishes Community College

2021: Dennis Pruden, University of Louisiana at Monroe 

2020: Daisy Guidroz, Nicholls State University

2019: Cathy Sicard, LOUIS

2018: Jim Hobbs, Loyola University New Orleans

2017: Sara Zimmerman, LOUIS

2016: Lori Smith, William Armstrong, and Donald R. Smith

Leader in Librarianship AwardLeader in Librarianship

This award recognizes a library administrator, who has shown leadership skills, guidance, and innovative ideas within their library.

The Leader in Librarianship Award has been awarded since 2017.

2022: Cynthia Knight, Northshore Technical Community College

2021: Dawn Kight, Ph.D., Southern University and A&M College

2020: Jodi Duet, Fletcher Technical Community College

2019: Wendy Johnson, River Parishes Community College

2018: Laurie Phillips, Loyola University New Orleans

2017: Brian Sherman, Louisiana State University Shreveport

Library of the Year AwardLibrary of the Year

This award recognizes a LOUIS member library that demonstrates excellence in at least one of the following areas: service to their community; creativity and innovation in developing specific community programs or a dramatic increase in library usage; leadership in creating programs that can be emulated by other libraries.

Library of the Year has been awarded since 2017.


2022: Noel Memorial Library at Louisiana State University Shreveport

2021: GATOR Library, Northshore Technical Community College

2020: Edith Garland Dupré Library at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2019: GATOR Library, Northshore Technical Community College

2017: Fletcher Technical Community College

2016: Ellender Memorial Library, Nicholls State University


Best Outreach AwardBest Outreach

Outreach and social media programs require organization, planning, and an investment in time for the people dedicated to making the program happen. If successful, an outreach or social media program can lead to an increase in appreciation for, understanding of, and use of the library. The award for Best Outreach recognizes the time and hard work that a person or persons put(s) into planning and executing an event for their library.

Best Outreach was awarded in 2016 and has been awarded each year since 2019.

2022: Victoria Elmwood, Loyola University New Orleans

2021: Michelle Guidry, Cindy Knight, and Melissa Templeton, Northshore Technical Community College 

2020: The LSU Libraries Programming Committee: Randa Morgan (Chair), Elizabeth Allen, Larissa Elliot, Narcissa Haskins, Allen LeBlanc, Ebony McDonald, and Sarah Simms

2019: Lisa Hollis, Lila Jefferson, Jessica Louque, Heather Pilcher, Dennis Pruden, John Swearingen, Maren Williams, and Rebecca Yantis at University of Louisiana at Monroe

2016: Rebecca Kelley, Louisiana State University

Outstanding Early Career LibrarianOutstanding Early Career Librarian

This award recognizes a librarian who has worked for a LOUIS member library for three (3) years or less and has less than five (5) years total professional librarian experience.

Outstanding Early Career Librarian was awarded in 2016, and has been awarded each year since 2019.

2022: KC Celestine, Fletcher Technical Community College

2021: Sarah Mazur, Louisiana State University Shreveport

2020: Sarah Hernandez, Xavier University of Louisiana

2019: Ebony McDonald, Louisiana State University

2016: Emily Frank, Louisiana State University

Excellence in Library Support AwardExcellence in Library Support

The Excellence in Library Support Award recognizes a library support staff member who is a helpful leader within his or her library and within the LOUIS Consortium.

Excellence in Library Support has been awarded since 2018.

2022: Martha Dauzat, Louisiana State University Alexandria

2021: Elissa Plank, Louisiana State University 

2020: Jacob Fontenot, Louisiana State University

2019: William Charron, Nicholls State University

2018: Nichole Shaw, Fletcher Technical Community College

Timely Librarianship Award

Timely Librarianship 

The Timely Librarianship Award recognizes of a librarian or group of librarians over the past year who has completed a significant achievement, contribution, project, or goal related to a theme related to the circumstances of the year leading up to LUC. 

Timely Librarianship has been awarded since 2022.

2022 (Theme: Promoting Wellness): Rena Darensbourg, Maya Banks, Charlotte Henderson, Vanissa Ely, Cheryl Taylor, Christopher Russell, Dawn Kight, and Maletta Payne, Southern University and A&M College

Retired Awards

Social Media Mastery Award

Social Media Mastery

This award recognizes the efforts of a LOUIS member library in their use of social media to market library services and resources, and interact with their user community.

Social Media Mastery was awarded from 2016 to 2021. In 2022, this award was combined into a single award with Best Outreach.

2021: Debbie Huntington, Anna Tapia MacDonald, Sharon Wolff, Northwestern State University

2020: Rob Stephens, Brandy Burbante, and Elizabeth Batte, Nicholls State University

2019: Abby DeSoto, Louisiana Tech University

2018: Jessica Loque, University of Louisiana at Monroe

2017: Travis Williams, LSU Law

2016: Edith Garland Dupré Library at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Discussion List Leader Award image

Discussion List Leader

Discussion List Leader is awarded to a LOUIS member who is always available on any LOUIS-associated list with helpful suggestions and/or solutions to posted problems. They always responds in a timely and articulate fashion, contributing meaningfully to and/or fostering discussion and problem-solving.

Discussion List Leader was awarded in 2016 and 2017.

2017: KevinHébert, Xavier University of New Orleans

2016: Jim Hobbs, Loyola University New Orleans and Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans

Favorite Learning with LOUIS award image

Favorite Learning with LOUIS

This award was for the “Learning with LOUIS” webinar/training session that voters deemed the best of the (academic) year.

Favorite Learning with LOUIS was awarded in 2016 and in each year from 2018 to 2020.

2020: Jodi Duet from Fletcher Technical Community College for "Open and Affordable Spring Learning Series: Tracking and Celebrating Student Savings"

2019: Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans and Dave Comeaux, Louisiana State University for "Getting E-books into Courses: How Libraries Can Partner with Faculty to Ease the Textbook Affordability Crises"

2018: Laurie Phillips and Elizabeth Kelly, Loyola University New Orleans for "Simplifying Affordable Resources for Faculty"

2016: Deanna Cozat, University of Georgia, and Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans for "Faculty Support and Outreach in Textbook Transformations"

Best customized system award logo

Best Customized System

Best Customized System commended the LOUIS member library that provided users the best library user experience possible through the customization of a discovery interface. Criteria focused on the use of library branding, web design, or audience targeting to provide new, intuitive interfaces that enhance user experience.

Best Customized System was awarded in 2016 and 2017.

2018: Fletcher Technical Community College for LibGuides CMS

2017: Louisiana Digital Library by Michael Waugh, Garrett Armstrong, David Comeaux, William Conlin, Cara Key, Jason Peak, and Kyle Tanglao, Louisiana State University

2016: Technology Initiatives by David Comeaux, Louisiana State University

Most interesting item award image with jewel

Most Interesting Item

The Most Interesting Item Award celebrated those fun, quirky, and/or just plain strange acquisitions that make their way into every library collection. Whether it comes in book, electronic, 3-D or another format, the Most Interesting Item provided a touchstone for displays, conversation and general amusement for its library community.

Most Interesting Item was Awarded in 2016.

2016: Edith Garland Dupré Library, University of Louisiana at Lafayette