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LOUIS is excited to bring to faculty and librarians LOUIS OER Commons, a platform for discovery, collaboration, curation, and authoring of open education resources.

Visit LOUIS OER Commons now to

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  • Design and Remix resources


Impact of OER


Textbook costs have risen more than 88% over the last decade.  Students consistently cite the high cost of textbooks as a barrier and even choose courses based on the cost of the textbooks.  OER materials remove roadblocks that high textbook costs places on students.

Student Outcomes

OER materials give students first day access to course materials in downloadable formats to enable use on or off-line.

Faculty Flexibility

Faculty have the freedom to design and implement learning materials that can be tailored to their course and student learning outcomes and that can easily be updated, remixed, and shared.

Design and Remix

Use the LOUIS OER Commons authoring tools to design materials with original content or use other OER resources to remix and redesign materials to meet unique course needs.


Add headings, text and media to build the content of your resource


Enter important information that makes searching for resources easier. You can also align your resource to the Master Course Articulation Matrix.


Select a license for your resource that says how people will be allowed to use your work, then publish!