Discovery: Overview

Discovery Technology

LOUIS has implemented intuitive, robust technology for participating members that provides library users the means to discover integrated scholarly content like databases, eBooks, print materials, and multimedia. The Library Services Platform (LSP) bundles discovery technology developed by partners like SirsiDynix, EBSCO Information Services, and OCLC, to ensure users can find the resources they need - anywhere, anytime.

Symphony Suite

All LOUIS sites using Symphony have implemented SirsiDynix Enterprise, SirsiDynix's discovery solution. It provides users with a modern interface for the discovery of both physical and electronic scholarly content. Enterprise has responsive design, that makes it accessible and user-friendly, whether you are on your computer, phone or tablet.


LOUIS has implemented EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Full Text Finder, and Publication Finder.

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is the premier discovery layer that integrates full-text linking, superior subject indexing, and powerful search functionality - to give library users a Google-like discovery experience for library resources. 

Full Text Finder is an Open-URL compliant link resolver that enables users to connect to resources directly on a content provider's website, or provides a menu of full text options for a resource in search interfaces like EDS or Publication Finder. 

Publication Finder is a search interface that allows users to search and browse publications available through their library.  

WorldCat Discovery Service

WorldCat Discovery Service is a discovery layer powered by OCLC's library database, WorldCat, and a central index. WorldCat represents library collections worldwide, with almost 400 million records, providing users with a unique discovery service geared toward print materials.  


Discovery technology can be integrated with other tools that enhance the end-user experience.  We have implemented Proquest Syndectics in e-Library through SirsiDynix and Curriculum Builder in EDS through EBSCO.

Proquest Syndectics enriches catalog content through cover images, reviews, excerpts, and more.

Curriculum Builder is a plugin that enables faculty to include library resources directly into their courses through their campus learning management system (Blackboad, Moodle, Canvas).

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