Access Management: Overview

Access Management

We implement intuitive, robust technology for participating members that ensures valuable library resources and services are available to the library's authorized users - anywhere, anytime.


Authentication is a vital concern for our libraries. Libraries want to make sure only authorized users are accessing valuable library resources, and users want access to those resources wherever they are.  All of our members have authentication solutions in place on their campus.  

EZproxy is the leading authentication solution in the industry. It can be integrated with a wide variety of authentication services, like LDAP and Shibboleth, thereby providing seamless access to library resources.  

We have integrated EZproxy with SirsiDynix Symphony for 58% of our members.*  This allows them to authenticate against the user database stored within their Symphony system.  

IP Address Management

We maintain a database of authorized IP address ranges for each of our members. We work within multiple vendor administrative interfaces to register and maintain their IP addresses to ensure access to library resources and services remains uninterrupted.

Link Resolving

Resolver links provide important connections between users and the resource they are seeking, in as few steps as possible for the end-user. We have implemented EBSCO's Full Text Finder as the primary link resolver service for our members, but work within multiple vendor interfaces, to ensure access remains uninterrupted.

Full Text Finder is an Open-URL compliant link resolver that enables users to connect to resources directly on a content provider's website, or provides a menu of full text options for a resource in search interfaces like EDS or Publication Finder.

Holdings Management

We have implemented EBSCO's Holdings Management to help our members manage their holdings, but work within multiple vendor administrative interfaces, to ensure access remains uninterrupted. 

Holdings Management allows libraries to manage all of their electronic and print holdings, regardless of content provider, within a single interface.

We have also implemented multiple custom processes for our members to load the bulk of these holdings into the catalog stored within their Symphony system.  

Technology Implementation

100% - IP Address Management

85% - Link Resolving

85% - Holdings Management

58% - Authentication*


*Based on number of members that have acquired SirsiDynix Symphony through LOUIS

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