Professional Development: Remote Training

Remote Training

Our team leverages online conferencing and support software to provide targeted training sessions remotely. These sessions can be spontaneous, as the need arises, or arranged in advance.


Our team members also leverage this software to troubleshoot issues in real time. These spontaneous remote sessions sometimes highlight areas for growth and allow our team members to arrange more targeted remote training sessions.

New Staff

If a library hires new staff members, or if an existing staff member acquires new duties, our team members work with them to determine their needs and arrange a series of remote training sessions to help them learn the systems and resources they are unfamiliar with.


Sometimes library staff need a refresher on the systems they use. Our teams members work with the staff to identify their needs and arrange a series of targeted refresher sessions.


Webex is an online meeting and video conferencing software that is customizable for webinars, meetings, trainings, and remote support.  This software is used for Learning with LOUIS, our monthly webinar series, as well as remote training and support sessions.