Professional Development: Partnered Training

Partnered Training Solutions

We work closely with our many excellent partners to customize solutions to meet our members' professional development needs.


We work closely with our members to identify a specific need or issue, then work with our partners to arrange a free, customized webinar targeted to our members and their need.  These webinars are often offered as part of our Learning with LOUIS webinar series, but are led by our partners. We also publish the free webinars offered by our many partners in the LOUIS Events Calendar and to our discussion lists. Learn more about these training resources in our TASK Portal.

Instructor-led Courses

Sometimes our members want or need more extensive, instructional training. These solutions, however, often involve cost. We work closely with our partners to negotiate the cost and provide access to our members.


Some of our partners have developed subscription-based training modules for their user community. We work closely with our partners to negotiate the cost of these subscriptions, and help manage access, if necessary.

We also promote usage and provide guidance on how to use these resources, to ensure our members leverage them to their fullest potential.