We support the technology and resources secured by our members through LOUIS by providing solutions and customizing services, negotiating lower prices, and providing professional development opportunities.

Onsite Training

Our team personally ensures our members are leveraging the technology, services, and resources acquired through LOUIS to its fullest. Our team members work with the library to arrange onsite training - whether it targets a specific need identified beforehand or develops organically once the team member(s) arrive.

New Staff

If a library hires new staff members, or if an existing staff member acquires new duties, our team members work with them to determine their needs and schedule a targeted training at their library to help them learn the systems and resources they are unfamiliar with.


Sometimes library staff need a refresher on the systems they use. Our teams members work with the staff to identify their needs and schedule a targeted refresher at their library.

Library Projects

If a library is undertaking a project and would like to seek advice or discuss possible best practices, our team members are ready to come by and discuss the project. Our team members love a challenge and enjoy finding ways to help the library achieve its goals.

While we were really looking forward to LOUIS’s visit, we tried to brainstorm questions we could ask. We thought and thought and really couldn’t come up with much. We thought the trip would be a waste of their time. But boy when LOUIS got here the questions just suddenly popped into our minds! It was AWESOME the way they popped off the answers to everything we asked. I think it was a tremendous benefit for us to have a site visit to our campus!

Marty McCaskle, Louisiana Delta Community College

I truly enjoyed the site visit to our campus (LDCC). You both were so helpful to me and my staff. I appreciate you answering our questions and showing us how to get the most use from Workflows. Please stop in again when you are in the area.

Annie McKinney, Louisiana Delta Community College