Professional Development: Overview

Professional Development

We provide a wide range professional development opportunities to ensure our members get the most benefit from the technology, services, and resources acquired through LOUIS. We tailor our training solutions to accommodate various learning styles - and busy schedules.

TASK Portal

The TASK Portal is a gateway to training solutions offered by LOUIS and our partners.




LOUIS develops certifications with necessary materials for administrators of LOUIS provided resources to obtain the skills needed to confidently meet defined competencies.



Video Showcase

LOUIS records videos of learning webinars, community meetings, conference presentations, and more to our Vimeo channel. 


Partnered Training

LOUIS helps facilitate partner-led training. We work with members to identify a need and arrange online or in-person training sessions. We also help negotiate the cost of subscription-based or instructor-led courses, and help manage access.


LOUIS Users Conference

We've hosted an annual users conference since our inception in 1992, for the express purpose of bringing our members and partners together to communicate and collaborate. The conference is hosted over two days each fall.


Remote Training

Our team leverages online conferencing and support software to provide targeted training or support remotely. These sessions can be scheduled in advance, or spontaneous as the need arises.