Systems Management: Overview

Systems Management

We support the library technology and resources secured by our members through LOUIS. We troubleshoot issues through incident reporting, remote support sessions, and personalized visits, we publish and maintain a knowledge base of solutions, and we offer customization services to promote positive user experiences.

Systems Monitoring

Our team members are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We constantly monitor the systems under our purview to ensure they remain stable and access remains uninterrupted for our members.  

Incident Reporting

Key personnel at each library are able to report incidents if they encounter an issue with, or have a question about, the systems in use at their library.  One of our team members claims the reported incident and begins troubleshooting.

Remote Support

Our team leverages online conferencing and support software to provide targeted support remotely. These sessions can be scheduled in advance, or spontaneous as the need arises.

Onsite Support

Our team personally ensures our members are leveraging the technology, services, and resources acquired through LOUIS to its fullest through onsite support. One or more team members travels to the library for targeted support.

Customized Services & Processes

Our team develops customized services & processes to ensure positive users experiences for our members. We work closely with our partners to implement and support these customizations.

Custom Reports

Our team adapts delivered or custom reports, or writes new reports, to meet our members' reporting needs.

Harvests & Extracts

Our team develops custom processes to harvest files from external servers for placement on our servers. The team also develops custom processes to extract data from our systems to create files for placement on external servers. \This ensures our members' data remains up-to-date and access is uninterrupted.

APIs & Web Services

Our team works closely with our partners, like SirsiDynix and EBSCO, to use integrated API and web services calls to read data and publish it to various systems and web pages.


Webex is an online meeting and video conferencing software that is customizable for webinars, meetings, trainings, and remote support.  This software is used for Learning with LOUIS, our monthly webinar series, as well as remote training and support sessions. 

Custom Reports

Our team has published a listing of all custom reports currently available. You can filter by campus to see what's been implemented at your library, or search by keyword to find a report that fits your need.

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