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Faculty Online Teaching Resources May 26, 2020

by Laurie Blandino on 2020-05-26T13:02:09-05:00 | Comments


Considerations for Institutes of Higher Education

The CDC released guidelines for colleges as they reopen their campuses. These include the promotion of hand hygiene and “respiratory etiquette,” use of cloth face coverings, and implementing modified classroom layouts.


Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era

The American College Health Association (ACHA) also issued guidelines. For Instruction and Learning Environments, numerous considerations are encouraged for in-person instruction. These include: prioritize in-person instruction for courses with academic outcomes that cannot be measured or achieved virtually, implement hybrid instruction, limit the number of in-person attendees, and design a physical distancing plan.


Fever Checks and Quarantine Dorms: The Fall College Experience?

University of Kentucky administrators discuss bringing students back to campus, providing a glimpse into what other schools might do in the fall.


What Students Want This Fall

Niche, a website that reviews colleges for prospective students, survived students in high school and college. Results included that three scenarios -- holding in-person classes like before, offering classes so that some were in person and others online, and having three- to four-week block schedules (in person) -- appealed to a majority of undergraduates.


Turning Remote Education Into Online Education This Fall

Strategies colleges can take to help create a dynamic online experience for students. Five key areas discussed: culture, course design, support services, technology and student preparation.


What Will Life Be Like at Post-COVID Colleges and Universities?

Opinion piece that finds that while in most cases virtual is less than doing the same thing in person, online experiences can help students achieve things that would otherwise be impossible on campus, and can help them accommodate financial, medical and other hardships.


Higher Education Will Be Transformed By the Coronavirus Pandemic

For a perspective on what students might be reading about higher ed, this article from Teen Vogue includes interviews from a former college president, policy experts, and a union leader to gain insights into how the pandemic will shape higher ed.


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