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LOUIS Celebrates 25 Years of Collaboration

by LOUIS Libraries on 2017-10-19T01:20:00-05:00 | Comments

LOUIS was born in the fall of 1992. The network was initially formed to automate the library management systems at five of Louisiana’s academic libraries. However, Dr. Carolyn Hargrave and the Louisiana Board of Regents had a much broader vision for LOUIS: create a cost-effective collaboration to provide state-of-the-art resources and technology to Louisiana libraries and their users. Within ten years, the network had grown from five libraries to all twenty-six public college and university libraries in the state.

Today, twenty-five years later, LOUIS serves forty-seven public and private college and university libraries in Louisiana. LOUIS continues works on behalf of these libraries to leverage statewide purchases to minimize the cost of scholarly content and library technology. It has grown from automating a single library management system to implementing and managing a Library Services Platform (LSP) that allows libraries to conduct vital business operations, ensures access to scholarly content, and enables resource sharing within the state, and globally. LOUIS provides a wide range of professional development opportunities to ensure the libraries, and subsequently their users, get the most benefit from the technology, services, and content acquired through LOUIS.

LOUIS has also recently joined the global open education and national affordable learning initiatives, through its Affordable Learning LOUISiana program. This program works with libraries and faculty to implement a range of affordable learning options on Louisiana’s campuses so that students can save money and have access to course materials on the first day of class.

LOUIS will celebrate its twenty-five years of successful collaboration at the 2017 LOUIS Users Conference on October 18th at 4:30pm, at the C. B. Pennington Jr. Conference Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. LOUIS will be joined by over a hundred LOUIS members, partnering vendors, and special guests. The celebration will feature brief talks by two former Executive Directors, Ralph Boe and Sara Zimmerman, and the Board of Regents’ Deputy Commissioner for Planning, Research, & Academic Affairs, Dr. Larry Tremblay.


LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network, a program of the Board of Regents, is a consortium of 47 public and private college and university libraries in the state of Louisiana. Founded in 1992, LOUIS purchases and manages technology and resources to support the research, teaching, and learning needs of Louisiana's faculty and students in higher education.  Learn more at  

Contact Jaime K. Barrilleaux, LOUIS Web & Communication Program Manager, at for more information. 

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