Key Contacts

We have key contacts at each LOUIS library that help us support the services and technology acquired through LOUIS. These key contacts include the library deans and directors, systems administrators, e-resource administrators, and interlibrary loan administrators.

Name Position Email Phone
Name Position Email Phone
Teri Oaks Gallaway Associate Commissioner of LOUIS 225-219-7156
Marcy Stevens Library Services Platform Manager 225-219-7166
Mike Waugh Library Services Platform Manager 225-219-7168
Lisa Stigall User Discovery and Access Manager 225-219-7165
Darcy Waguespack LOUIS Coordinator 225-219-7161
Zehra "ZeeZee" Zamin Resource Sharing and Library Services Platform Manager 225-219-7155
Laurie Blandino LOUIS Member Services Administrator 225-219-7160
Emily Frank Affordable Learning Administrator 225-219-7128