Discussion Lists: Overview

About Our Discussion Lists

Discussion lists are an effective and widely used tool for communication among groups.  Discussion lists enhance communication and collaboration among groups by allowing participants to exchange expertise, obtain feedback, and seek support.

LOUIS manages eleven discussion lists, nine on behalf of its membership, one on behalf of Kevin Cope, one on behalf of the Louisiana chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Some discussion lists are considered "open" lists; these lists include:,,,,,,,,

Some groups are considered "closed" lists and are open only to specific groups within the consortium; these lists include,,,and

Three lists are the official home of LOUIS Interest Groups and have moderated discussions about consortial business. The Collection and e-Resource group operates on The Information Literacy group operates on And the Library Technology group operates on

Want to Subscribe?

While some lists are considered "open" lists, membership is still mediated. The LOUIS discussion lists are open to librarians and staff at LOUIS member libraries only. The Alexandria-Summit list is open to faculty and staff, and affiliates, in Louisiana higher education.

If you would like to subscribe to one or more of these lists, jump over to the TASK Portal for an in-depth overview of how the discussion lists work and subscribe today!

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LOUIS Discussion Lists

  • alearningla: discussion list for those interested in affordable learning in Louisiana
  • infolit: discussion list for those interested in information literacy
  • irig: discussion list for the institutional repository interest group
  • ladir: discussion list for library deans and directors
  • laexec: discussion list for members of the Executive Board
  • ler: discussion list for those interested in electronic resources
  • leradmin: discussion list for LOUIS Electronic Resource administrators
  • louis: discussion list for ALL consortium members
  • louisill: discussion list for those interested in interlibrary-loan
  • lsa: discussion list for LOUIS SirsiDynix Symphony system administrators
  • louistech: discussion list for those interested in library technology
  • lss: discussion list for support staff (paraprofessionals, technicians, specialists) at LOUIS member libraries

Other Discussion Lists

  • aaupla: discussion list for the Louisiana chapter of the American Association of University Professors
  • alfs-Alexandria-Summit: discussion list for participants and friends of the Alexandria Summit meetings on faculty and educational governance