Contacts: LOUIS Team

Name Position Email Phone
Name Position Email Phone
Laurie Blandino Executive Director and Associate Commissioner of LOUIS 225-219-7160
Emily Frank Affordable Learning Administrator 225-219-7128
Elizabeth Kelly Library Web and Applications Development Administrator 225-342-4253
Victor Sanchez Electronic Resources Manager 225-219-7162
Marcy Stevens Library Services Platform Manager 225-219-7166
Lisa Stigall Collections & Information Resources Administrator 225-219-7165
Darcy Waguespack LOUIS Business Affairs Manager 225-219-7161
Mike Waugh Library Services Platform Administrator 225-219-7168
Zehra "ZeeZee" Zamin Resource Sharing and Library Services Platform Manager 225-219-7155
Rob Stephens Member Services Manager  
Rebecca Kelley Digital Inclusion and eLearning Program Managers