Communities: Overview

Discussion Lists

We communicate through various discussion lists. These lists are provided to facilitate discussion among consortium members, ranging from general news & announcements to specific questions about current library technologies, services, & trends. Active participation on a list is encouraged for all LOUIS members, as list participants often have a great deal of experience to share with their peers.

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Interest Groups

We cooperate through established interest groups. These groups are established to direct and inform discussion on specific topics relevant to librarianship and consortial business. These groups are structured to provide members with a more informal network for exchanging ideas and problem-solving. Each interest group utilizes an assigned discussion list so members can discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and propose projects.

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Working Groups

Working groups are commissioned by the LOUIS Board to address emerging needs and concerns within the consortium. Each working group is given a specific charge - area to investigate - and deadline to work toward. This framework provides the consortium a formal network for exchanging ideas and problem-solving, while increasing efficiency.

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