Affordable Learning Projects at Bossier Parish Community College

Informational LibGuide:

In order to make the information about the steps Bossier Parish Community College faculty have taken to reduce the cost of college for students freely available to students, faculty, and the public, the Librarians at BPCC have created an informational guide to OER and low-cost resources being used by the school. This guide is primarily meant to be a resource for teachers, leading them to useful resources—including a selection rubric designed by faculty who are leaders in using OER. However, it also includes general information on OER for those who may be new to the concept, a list of which classes are using low- or no-cost textbooks, a report of how much money students have saved by faculty adoption of OER, and even a section for students on how to find and access these resources.

Take a look at the guide here:

E-Textbook Initiative Committee:

BPCC formed an Ad-Hoc committee to discuss, promote, and facilitate increased use of OER on our campus. This committee consists of both teaching faculty and librarians.

This Spring, the committee created a rubric to give teachers a tool to help them evaluate the quality of OER resources they may be interested in adopting. This rubric covers aspects teachers may be familiar with from evaluating traditional classroom materials, but also incorporates the evaluation of elements specific to digital textbooks. This rubric was added to the Affordable Learning LibGuide on the BPCC Learning Commons Webpage.

Grant Writing:

In 2017, the BPCC Library began working with our Science, Nursing, and Allied Health (SNAH) department to help them reduce the cost of textbooks for their students. The end result of this collaboration was the department adoption of several e-textbooks, which would replace several of the more expensive textbooks that students were required to purchase. The library then wrote a grant requesting a portion of the funds from our Student Technology Fees which would be applied to the purchase of these books. This grant was funded in the Fall of 2017 and the books were added to the library’s catalog for student’s to begin using in the 2018-2019 school year.

Workshops and Professional Development:

BPCC has hosted several workshops on OER, giving faculty an opportunity to learn more about the resources that are available. These workshops included BPCC-hosted screenings of webinars and an in-person workshop by LOUIS librarians.

Contact Information

Sarah Mazur
Electronic Resources/ Instructional Librarian
Bossier Parish Community College
6220 East Texas St.
Bossier City, La 71111