We support the technology and resources secured by our members through LOUIS by providing solutions and customizing services, negotiating lower prices, and providing professional development opportunities.

Current Projects

LOUIS OER Commons Faculty Cohort Project

Faculty are invited to participate in the LOUIS OER Commons Faculty Cohort Project. Funds are available to support select faculty as they design openly-licensed syllabi using that curated content through a supportive peer cohort model. 

Course Transformation Program

This competitive program seeks to lower the cost of post-secondary education for students and contribute to their retention, progression, and graduation. Funds support faculty in replacing their existing textbook and/or course materials in a specific course(s) with no cost, open materials. Funds will be available for activity impacting single courses, departments, and multiple campuses.


OER Commons is a repository of open educational resources aligned with the Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog. This repository also facilitates the creation of new OER by Louisiana educators.

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