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How Do I Post A Message?

To post a message to a discussion list, send an email to that list. The email address is (see Discussion List Addresses). 

Keep in mind...

Clicking "Reply" sends a message back to the list!

Click "Forward" and enter a new email address to begin a private discussion!

How Do I Post A Message to Multiple Lists?

Compose a single email and put all applicable list addresses in the "To" field. The lists are currently configured to moderate emails sent to multiple addresses, to prevent spamming. List administrators will moderate any messages as quickly as possible.

Please note: recipients will receive a message for each list they are subscribed to. So we recommend adding a "Please excuse duplicate postings" at the top of your email message.

Subject Lines

Include a descriptive subject line!

Lists are shared by multiple communities. You can preface your subject line with the community name or acronym to emphasize the intended audience, when applicable.

If you are seeking feedback, indicate that in your subject line and provide a response deadline. Example: Ugliest Sweater Survey - Feedback Requested - Respond by 12/24/2016!