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Using the Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog, LOUIS created and maintains a list of potential open educational resources (OERs) that faculty may choose to adopt in their courses. The Open Textbook Library is the primary source of OER content for this project and content from other OER repositories will be included on an ongoing basis.

Find Textbooks

EDS Faculty Portal

The EDS Faculty Portal provides a simple search interface for faculty to identify content the library can purchase that can be provided free-of-charge to students in place of costly textbooks. This is the first-of-its-kind interface and several other states are interested in replicating the function of the LOUIS portal. We're adding newly-available titles each week on these platforms:

  • Cambridge UP Online
  • CRC Press
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect
  • Oxford Clinical Psychology Online
  • Oxford Medicine Online
  • Oxford Reference Online
  • Oxford UPSO Title-By-Title
  • Project MUSE
  • Wiley Online Library

EBSCO eBook Titles

For EBSCO eBook titles, we limited the new weekly titles to those available in the unlimited version, with titles dating back to 2010.

Search the EDS Faculty Portal Now!

EDS Faculty Portal on Library Website

LOUIS libraries should visit the EDS Faculty Portal help topic on the TASK Portal for instructions on how to add search boxes to their website.

SAGE Knowledge Complete

With nearly 5,000 titles, SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences online library for students and researchers at all levels – undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers, and professors. Download the title list at

The Board of Regents, through LOUIS, sponsored a twelve-month investment in this package. Access to the entire 2017 collection is available through July 31, 2018. Each LOUIS library will then select specific titles from the package to own in perpetuity, based on usage.

Click "Search SAGE Knowledge Complete" below and select your institution to begin your search and find course materials today! If you encounter any issues accessing the SAGE interface, please contact your campus library.

SAGE Knowledge Complete on Library Website

LOUIS libraries should visit the SAGE Knowledge help topic on the TASK Portal for instructions on how to provide access via their website.

Open Textbook Network

The Open Textbook Network (OTN) promotes access, affordability, and student success through the use of open textbooks.

The network believes in the power of open education to transform higher education. Open textbooks not only contribute to student academic success, but also offer faculty the chance to reclaim their courses based on their expertise.

The leadership, actions, and results of OTN's network members drive this transformation, and OTN connects these efforts to pool expertise and promote best practices.

OER Commons

OER Commons is a digital public library and collaboration platform, informed by the organization's pioneering efforts in knowledge management and educational innovation. It offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels to identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners. 


MERLOT is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community. You can search peer reviewed open educational resources (OER), create Course ePortfolios, Bookmark Collections, and Learning Exercises, and build your own learning materials with their Content Builder.


SkillsCommons is a free and open online library that contains free and open learning materials and program support materials for job-driven workforce development.  The Open Educational Resources (OER) are produced by community colleges across the nation and can be found, reused, revised, retained, redistributed and remixed by individuals, institutions, and industry.