Affordable Learning Projects: Round 8

Affordable Learning LOUISiana is now working on Round 8 of our Affordable Learning Projects. These projects are funded to help promote the use of no-cost or low-cost materials in the classroom, thereby saving students money. Round 8 projects will cover the 2019 spring semester.

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Current Projects

Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA)

CDA projects identify, and add to the library's collection through purchase, eBooks that can be substituted for required course textbooks. We can work with LOUIS libraries to generate a list of suggested titles using campus course adoption data.

Textbook Transformations

Textbook Transformation projects support faculty who are creating and/or using an open textbook or open educational resources in place of the traditional textbook in their course.

Textbook Lists

We provide data analytics support to LOUIS libraries to identify course adopted eBooks that are available for campus purchase. Institutional data is analyzed against current physical and electronic holdings to support library reserves programs.

Open Textbook Network Workshops

Open Textbook Network workshops help introduce faculty to the use of open textbooks in their courses and build administrative and staff support for open textbook adoption.

OER Curriculum Alignment

Using the Louisiana Statewide Common Course Catalog, LOUIS created and maintains a list of potential open educational resources (OERs) that faculty may choose to adopt in their courses. The curriculum alignments will be updated on an ongoing basis.

LCTCS e-Learning Innovation Grant

LOUIS is collaborating with the Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges System to promote current affordable learning projects on LCTCS campuses statewide. LOUIS is assisting LCTCS in data analysis, cooperative procurement strategies, and the facilitation of training workshops, while leveraging LCTCS libraries' knowledge of faculty and students' curriculum needs.